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Vegan Raising Cane’s

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Here’s how to make your very own Vegan Raising Cane’s Plate at HOME! The Chicken Fingers, Sauce, Fries, Coleslaw and Texas Toast!

Since there’s a lot of components to a Raising Cane’s Plate, I’ve broken them up into their own recipes!

I’ve got one for the Cane’s Sauce, Chicken Fingers, and Coleslaw if you want to just check them out right now. Otherwise, read on!

Raising Cane’s is one of those places that everyone seems to either love or hate. I went vegan before they opened up near me (ironically there’s one about a 5 minute walk from me now) so I don’t know exactly how it tastes.

However, I’ve also heard many folks say that the chicken fingers are under seasoned and overrated. So I’ve provided a recipe with plenty of seasoning and flavor!

handy dandy video here too!

The sauce is something that seems to be universally loved. I tried out a few recipes for it online and then tweaked the flavors to my own taste. It’s a pretty amazing sauce so I get the hype!

The coleslaw at Cane’s looks pretty sad too, so we’ll be upgrading that as well! As for the Fries and Texas Toast, well read on and I’ll give you my thoughts on those!

Cane’s Sauce

The signature sauce is what I see people talk about most often, and I can see why! It’s a sweet, tangy, zippy and slightly spicy sauce that goes well with everything on this plate! In fact, I used the leftovers on a Breakfast Burrito and it worked too!

Check out my Vegan Raising Cane’s Sauce!

Vegan Chicken Fingers

Like I said, I’ve got a pretty great recipe for some Vegan Chicken Fingers using tofu. Plenty of seasoning (and you can always add more if you like too!)

Check out my Vegan Chicken Fingers Recipe!

Vegan Coleslaw

The Cane’s coleslaw looks like the typical sad, soggy slop you get at most fast food places. Lucky for us, making something way better at home is very easy!

Check out my Vegan Coleslaw Recipe!

French Fries

I’m gonna be honest, I almost always use Frozen Fries over homemade ones. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely make some world class fries at home. However, they are quite laborious, time consuming, and messy. And when you think about all the oil you end up using, they aren’t even cheaper than frozen fries.

Get your favorite kind from the store and air fry them! I promise you they will be better than any fast food fries!

Texas toast

The Texas Toast at Cane’s appears to be something like the BBQ Bread by Wonder Bread. I’ve never seen anything like it here in Southern California.

You could totally make my Hot Dog Buns and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. Or you could do like I did and simply butter and grill some of the Texas Toast I can find here in Southern California. It’s literally just double thick white bread, but it’s delicious, especially with the Cane’s Sauce!

And that’s basically it! All you need for your own Vegan Raising Cane’s Plate! Obviously, feel free to make whatever you want, or use store-bought stuff like I did in some cases!

As long as you make the sauce and dip everything in it you should be golden!

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