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Vegan Burger Experiments #1

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Elevate a simple burger by simply smashing or infusing some extra ingredients! This is Vegan Burger Experiments #1.

Vegan Burger Experiments

So recently I’ve been watching and reading a lot of the hamburger historian George Motz. He introduced me to the Oklahoma Onion Burger which is definitely in my top 5 Burgers. You essentially slice some onions super thin, then smash them into a burger, then when you flip the burger, the onions get flash fried. It’s quite glorious.

So I got to thinking, what else can we smash into a burger? And then I started wondering about what other ingredients we could infuse into a burger patty as well. And so I went out back to my griddle and got to cooking!

For these burgers, there isn’t really a recipe. I simply got around 2.5 to 3 oz of plant-based meat and either smashed something into them, or I added about 1 oz of another ingredient directly into the patty and smashed it. The sky is the limit here, you can really experiment to your heart’s content!

This might have been my favorite burger! All you need to do is grate some vegan cheese from a block (texture and taste is superior to pre-shredded), add about 1 oz of it to about 2.5 oz of plant-based meat, and mix it together. Smash the burger on the grill and in a few minutes, you’ll see that the cheese that hits the griddle will get fried and crispy, while the cheese on the inside gets melted and gooey. It really is amazing!

Condiment ideas: I would maybe add pickles, mustard, and some diced onions, but you don’t need much on this one!

This one was also pretty dang amazing! It’s literally the same as the Onion Burger but we’re using jalapeƱos instead of onions. For either I recommend using a mandolin to slice the onions or peppers, it’s more precise, faster, and easier.

Condiment ideas: mayo, chipotle mayo, sour cream, pico de gallo, hot sauce, really anything you’d put on a taco would work!

This is just what it sounds like! I diced up some vegan bacon (by All Vegetarian, if you’re in the States it’s the best vegan bacon you can buy, go HERE if you wanna try some. This isn’t sponsored, they are just the best). You might be able to use my rice paper bacon recipe, but I tried to make Bacon Jam with it. The bacon just melted so I need to run some tests before I can give a full endorsement!

This one is great too, you get bacon in every bite and you don’t gotta worry about biting into a slice and pulling it out all at once!

Condiment ideas: definitely mayo or some good old fashioned burger sauce!

This is similar to the Inside Out Cheeseburger only we are smashing shredded cheese into the burger! You basically totally ensconce the patty in fried cheese!

Condiment ideas: Mustard, Pickles, Onions, Mayo!

This one was also fantastic and I definitely want to experiment with it more! You just blend in some Soyrizo (which is vegan chorizo) and smash it! The soyrizo is a bit more fragile than Impossible or Beyond so take more care with it! I wanna top it with some Just Egg and make a Breakfast Burger with it!

Condiment ideas: mayo, sour cream, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeƱos, pico de gallo. Anything you would put on a taco or burrito would probably work!

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